1+1 =3   The whole is more than the sum of its parts  

You have an established company in your home market and now the next step is to capture a new market. The expansion beyond the country‚Äôs borders is usually associated with high investments and risks. Especially as a small business these difficulties can hardly be overcome. Synergy4Sales helps and supports the business during the expansion into new markets. In an innovative form of partnership we combine your and our competences.

Your global ideas and our local knowledge

Synergy4Sales gives your business a presence in foreign markets. We work in your name and therefore develop a local presence. A tailored service packet for you, for example in form of a sales and distribution assistant, creates trust with new business partners and eliminates cultural barriers. With Synergy 4 Sales you receive professional market cultivation with little expenditure. Especially the combination of your and our strengths offers maximum potential at a very low risk level.

We lead your products internationally to success

The focal point of our business philosophy is a co-operative partnership. Partnership means to us a long-term and common goal, transparency and reliability during all actions.

In our joint actions your growth is our success